All-providing Eco Skyscraper is a Vertical Green City

August 10, 2011 / No Comments

Architect Vikas Pawar’s new concept of a vertical city is not just about providing a roof to the people. It is all-inclusive, so to say, capable of providing clean water, food and energy for the citizens of Noida, India.

eco skyscraper All providing Eco Skyscraper is a Vertical Green City

Pawar’s Eco Skyscraper is a self-sufficient vertical city composed of two twisting towers linked by a soaring sky bridge. And its striking spirals are more than just a treat for the eye. The Eco Skyscraper will be a full fledged vertical community that makes use of the renewable sources of sun and wind for power.

The skyscraper provides for its needs by harvesting humidity, and it is capable of recycling waste water with the help of a living machine system including live plants, trees, algae, fish and other living creatures.

The spirals provide the functions of a vertical farm, supplemented by a sophisticated system of hydroponics. It allows humid air to be converted into drinkable water.

eco skyscraper 1 All providing Eco Skyscraper is a Vertical Green City

There is also space for setting up commercial areas, offices and residences offered by the project’s mixed-use high-density program. The tower’s rotating axis provides space for a rooftop terrace for each unit, which can be used for growing food.

Similar to the turbines spanning the Bahrain World Trade Centre, there is a massive set of wind turbines in the walkways in the upper levels. The skyscraper supplements this wind energy with power produced from solar arrays. The passive design strategies reduce the overall environmental footprint of the building.