Nissan Leaf Can Run on Whisky; See How [Video]

August 12, 2011 / No Comments

It is a win –win situation for both automobile manufacturer Nissan and Bruichladdich distillery, the only producer of whisky on Islay. Bruichladdich owner Mark Reynier was able to successfully complete his quest for self-sufficiency while Nissan’s 100% electric Leaf has proudly provided the crucial last element in that attempt.

leafwhiskey Nissan Leaf Can Run on Whisky; See How [Video]

Bruichladdich is well known in the Scottish isle of Islay, and it grows, malts and distills its own whisky on-site. And there is more, it uses the waste products from the distilling process to, generate electricity.

Today, the distillery’s waste streams are being ploughed back into powering and producing for its business. Pot ale, a watery waste product left over after distilling, is converted into biogas, which powers a generator to produce electricity. Reynier calls this process anaerobic digestion.

And now, Reynier is using that electricity to charge his new Nissan Leaf. He says the arrival of the car has made him truly self-sufficient. Reynier’s case proves that sustainable motoring is a very realistic proposition.

Nissan and Bruichladdich have now teamed up for a special Leaf edition organic whisky to celebrate the success.

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