Xenith Could be the Fastest Ever Solar Car

August 15, 2011 / No Comments

The fastest solar car ever is ready. Christened Xenith, this renewable energy vehicle, originated from the thoughts of young students at Stanford and is set to conquer the World Solar Challenge at the Australian Outback this year. A 30-pupil project team has worked on the designing and developing of the Solar Car concept to materialization

Xenith the fastest solar car ever Xenith Could be the Fastest Ever Solar Car

As many as 26 glass solar panels are packed on the surface of Xenith and each panel is jammed with ultra-high efficiency silicon solar cells that extract power from sun. This solar cruise gets motivated from a 1300-watt solar array and 150-volt battery pack. The torso of Xenith is made from very thin and light carbon fiber, just 4 inches thick.

Solar panels of Corning glass are equipped with special anti-reflective coating that claims to procure super-efficiency. Also, the rear-wheel steering and the front wheel bearings are really slender. The car comes sporting an aerodynamic design.

Though the Stanford team boasts Xenith as the fastest solar car ever, it has not been yet confirmed. But the Stanford team riding the car reckons an average speed of the vehicle to be around 60mph, on the race field. We would have to wait till the World Solar Challenge on October to begin so as to contemplate how fast Xenith can be.

The Solar challenge event is hosted every two years to encourage the future of solar vehicles to persistently broaden the capabilities speculated to solar vehicles. It includes the designs from ultra conceptual abstract ideas that appears not practical at present and also aims to push manufacturing of production models.