Lightning Motorcycles EV Sets Speed Record

August 17, 2011 / No Comments

Green transportation is in. That’s true with the two-wheeler terrain too. With innovations like Lightning Motorcycles too doing their bit in an awesome manner, the scene is getting even more alluring. Lightning’s latest APS electric mobike has set a new benchmark for the electric motorcycles by pushing up the Land Speed Record (LSR) limits.

LightningMotorcycle2 Lightning Motorcycles EV Sets Speed Record

The bike blazed lightning fast speeds to set an average of 206.079 miles per hour at the Bonneville recently. If the certification of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) is accurate, it has set a new record for plug-in motorcycles surpassing last year’s 173.388 mph. Rider Paul Thede says he had hit 208.38 mph in the speedometer at the 2.25 mile spot but was bound to slow down a bit at the APS-? reached the 3rd mile.

The vehicle has thus become the fastest two wheeled EV ever. The machine is powered by a state of the art 345 Volt 11 KWh safe LiFEPo4 nano phosphate battery pack. The new feat in speed adds this sleek bike to a class of high velocity traditional fuel-powered motorcycles.

lightning motorcycles 1 Lightning Motorcycles EV Sets Speed Record

The record was broken  last Sunday at the track at Bonneville Salt Flats, where the electric motorcycle pushed to the way side the 190.6 mph record for electric motorcycle set earlier this year.

The new Lightning Motorcycles vehicle has been developed by Richard Hatfield and a group of Silicon Valley engineers who believed in clean technology in future of transportation without compromise on performance. The new victory has put the company in the limelight.

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