Quimera AEGT01 Termed the Most Powerful Electric Car on Earth

August 25, 2011 / No Comments

Electric cars seem to be adding in number. They are fairly greener in approach as they do not emit CO2 and are very economic. But doubts still linger about the credibility of EVs in daily commuting and high power uses.

Quimera AEGT01 Quimera AEGT01 Termed the Most Powerful Electric Car on EarthWell, Quimera has apparently come with a solution. Electric cars are now presented in a tough avatar with the new super fast AEGT01 from Quimera. Dubbed “the most powerful electric car on earth”, this electric muscle car makes use of the high-power Lithium Polymer EIG battery packs to accomplish a scorching peak speed of 180mph and over 1,000 lb feet of torque.

Claiming to be the first super car in the EV scene, it’s all set to make its debut in the market after the official release next month at Motorland in Alcaniz, Spain.

The AEGT01 featured in the teaser video is reportedly the first mould of the vehicle to which Quimera plans to make some design modifications, after the debut and appearance at Frankfurt Motor Show.

Quimera AEGT012 Quimera AEGT01 Termed the Most Powerful Electric Car on Earth

The car – sporting masculine exterior and offering spectacular performance – equips three UQM motors that pump out 700 horsepower. This allows the car to accelerate from null to 60 mph in just three seconds.

AEGT will be the prime racecar model to receive motivation completely from electric batteries. It’s remarkable that Quimera car is exhibiting parallel performance to the high power IC engine vehicles.

From the start of 2012, Quimera will encourage the test drive of AEGT01. Quimera has honed their expertise with the innovative electric scooters, electric/solar scooters, and commercial vans in the past and hope to do well with the electric race car too.