Propane Buses Bring in More Green to HISD

August 31, 2011 / No Comments

The Texas Railroad Commission, under the Clean Fleet program, has awarded Houston Independent School District (HISD) grants for 25 propane buses. The district got a mammoth $2 million grant for its journey towards a cleaner and eco-friendly environment, which, in the fitness of things, starts from the students’ level.

propanebushisd Propane Buses Bring in More Green to HISD

Texas has nearly 1800 school buses running on propane in 60 school districts. These buses lessen exhaust soot by 99 percent, a great achievement that is, and the students really appreciate it.

The grant will also be used to install a propane refueling station for the new fleet – as a first step in HISD’s bid for clean environment.

The Texas Rail Road Commission has, since 2005, awarded grants totaling 40 million for projects like this. Houston Independent School District’s aim is to become greener and cleaner without hitting taxpayers.

A propane bus saves about $3000 yearly, compared with traditional gasoline bus. The district has 900 school buses. Each one of them saving $3000 means so much, indeed. The summer price for diesel is averaging 3.15 per gallon, compared to 1.72 a gallon for propane.

It is also noteworthy that propane conversion takes place without any additional cost to the HISD. While propane is cleaner, it’s not as fuel-efficient as the diesel buses. So there are no plans for the district to go in for a complete transition.