Imbibe Nature While Sipping Your Tea in this Hanging Tea House

September 1, 2011 / No Comments

Imbibe nature outside and sip tea inside. Sounds odd? But you can do this, engulfed in the ambience of the lantern-like hanging Japanese tea house. Nestling in the backyard of a residential neighborhood, this teahouse, designed by architect David Jameson, serves as a forest retreat, far from the madding crowd. We’ll feel more like meditating than sipping tea in this hanging glass and bronze structure.

teahouse Imbibe Nature While Sipping Your Tea in this Hanging Tea House

Vis-à-vis adult-sized tree houses, Jameson’s structure hangs independently. The structure takes after the design of a traditional Japanese lantern, and it appears to float among the trees in the family’s yard.

During daytime, there is plenty of natural light and at night, floor lamps enlighten the interior, which appears as a theatrical stage from the outside. The thick outer scaffolding makes the central teahouse appear even lighter and more surreal.

A small staircase, inspired by origami, leads into the teahouse, which has a thick wooden door. A bamboo mat covers the floor. A low table is used for tea service, and you can sit on an ornate square mat for meditation and contemplation.

Inside the structure, visitors appear as they are on a stage, so the family uses the space for music recitals. Tell us if you like this concept.