Solar Energy to Go Cheaper than Coal by End of Decade

September 2, 2011 / No Comments

Ever thought about a day when solar energy will cheap as coal? Tough to imagine, but then its happening! In the next five years, we might get to see solar energy go cheap. With initiatives aimed at ushering in such a scenario increasingly gaining in prominence, the cheaper than coal solar power would be a reality in time for the current decade to sign off.

solarpanel Solar Energy to Go Cheaper than Coal by End of Decade

It has already been noted that China is all geared up to double its solar capacity, and that’s going to happen by the year-end itself.  It isn’t just China, by the way. Many a region has got on to the fast track to make solar energy viable and affordable.

With solar energy costs sure to reduce, there are also possibilities for an added number of solar panels to be installed. For instance, companies like Canadian Solar are already treading that terrain and inching towards grid parity.

Solar power players such as China-based JA Solar Holdings Ltd, Canadian Solar and Yingli Green Energy Holding Co and the like making solar panels cheaper.

These companies are, in fact, relying more on enhanced cell technology and more streamlined manufacturing.

Al these could in fact speed up the process of making solar energy generation far more economical that we could even think of.

Solar panels, for that matter, hold the key to effective reduction of solar energy costs. Currently, cadmium and traditional silicon form the two main types of photovoltaic technologies.

solar panel 1 Solar Energy to Go Cheaper than Coal by End of Decade

The exhilarating fact is that cadmium is found in abundance, as a by-product of other important industrial metals such as zinc.

In short, the end of the decade is sure to bring down the cost of solar energy, and that too cheaper than coal. What’s your take on this amazing move towards greener energy?