Recycled Plastic Bike Frii Helps in Quick Short Trips

September 7, 2011 / 1 Comment

A bicycle from the plastic waste is an amazing idea, right? That’s exactly what Israeli industrial designer Dror Peleg has attempted successfully. Christened Frii Bicycle, the smartly-built bike will be useful in urban transportation.

frii recycled plastic bike 2 Recycled Plastic Bike Frii Helps in Quick Short Trips

The components of the bike have been injection-molded into modular shapes and connected together to form the strong, lightweight and very colorful single-speed bike. It can be used for short, quick trips inside the city.

The bicycle has its body as the largest component. All other bits and pieces are simply joined to it. A belt connects the rear wheel to the crankset placed at the split frame bottom.

frii recycled plastic bike1 Recycled Plastic Bike Frii Helps in Quick Short Trips

While manufacturing the durable bicycle, the 20-inch plastic wheels have been enforced with the strong short forks and the solid tires are injected over the rims.

It does not have external brakes, but the BMX hub braking system that pedals backwards can stop it. The saddle might look uncomfortable, but remember the Frii bike is only for short trips.

In addition to this, Peleg has suggested that the local governments could easily develop this bike from the plastic waste in the cities as it helps in two ways – one in reducing pollution, and secondly, in utilizing the non-degradable plastic waste efficiently.

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