Yo-Auto Hybrid Concept Sports Curved Sliding Doors [Video]

September 14, 2011 / No Comments

Yo-Auto will unveil its new hybrid car Yo-Concept at the 2011 Motor Show now on in Frankfurt. The Russian car maker is a lesser known company, but this concept could give them good headlines.  Along with this car, you will also get to see the other hybrid vehicles -Yo-Crossover and Yo-Van in the show.

yo auto Yo Auto Hybrid Concept Sports Curved Sliding Doors [Video]

The quirky sedan will be the future design model for the coming Yo-Auto vehicles. The car is one of the four on-going hybrid vehicles at the Yo-Auto plant. It comes with an extended-range setup corresponding to the gas-electric plug-in system seen in the Chevrolet Volt.

The stylish car works on petrol and natural gas. The 220 Volt socket charges the battery pack which can drive the electric-motor for some distance. If the battery stops discharging, the gasoline engine will start to drive the car.

The four-seated car sports new curved doors which slide to its back portion. The car looks small, but the company assures that it has enough space to accommodate four people easily. It will be coming with almost all the new advanced features that you might see in the latest cars.

Just sit back and watch this wonderful video of the incredible car. And let us know what you feel about the sedan.