Underground Green Haven Taking Shape in NYC

September 20, 2011 / 1 Comment

New York City is likely to see usher in many an effort that tread the eco-friendly terrain in the coming days. Among them, a project christened ‘The Low line’ comes across as a neglected train track park renewal project that will be undertaken in the Lower East Side neighborhood.

NY LES Low Line Park 2 Underground Green Haven Taking Shape in NYC

The significance of the project is that it is being undertaken at a discarded rail station located entirely underground (below Delancey Street). The subterranean project demands a high-tech, novel approach, so as to ensure human comfort and natural settings. And, indeed, that makes it a challenging endeavor.

Spearheaded by three people – architect James Ramsey, the principal of RAAD, Dan Barasch of tech think tank PopTech, and money manager R Boykin Curry IV – the project will see natural sunlight being pumped into the ulterior space ingeniously with fiber optic cables and mirrors

By doing this, they intend to allow plants to grow underneath creating a serene and sunlit underground urban haven in The Low Line. Subterranean photosynthesis will be one real challenge.

The Delancey Street is a vast trolley terminal with dimensions of around 2 acres. Notably, this hollow space has a history of abandonment of last 60 years which was once used by cars that crossed the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn.


NY LES Low Line Park Underground Green Haven Taking Shape in NYC

The team has an elaborated plan to convert this space in to a green space. They hope to employ high-tech fiber optic lighting structures to refurbish it to a bright, sunny and welcoming green park.

This will be done by using numerous lamppost-like solar collectors that will be erected on the Delancey Street. Additionally, they also will be filtering out the harmful ultraviolet and infrared light to keep humans safe, but will make photosynthetic rays beat down so as to nourish plant growth.

The space is currently under the ownership of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The design will be scrutinized by the Authority before permission is granted. The Authority, however, has no plans to fund the project.

In a few while, we guess we will get to see cutting edge technologies being put to use to create an eco-friendly haven.