Used Tires Assume the Shape of Kids’ Playground

September 29, 2011 / No Comments

Anne Marie van Splunter, the grand artist-designer, has deflated the common misconception that used tires are useless. Her fertile imagination, wedded to the requisite know-how, has given birth to a wonderful project for refugee kids in Thailand – a playground. Her amazing `Rubber Tree’ design concept has resulted in a fun project for kids.

Splunter AnneMarie van Rubbertree playground Used Tires Assume the Shape of Kids’ Playground

Statistics say that consumers in the United States, every year, toss 220,000,000 automobile tires in the trash. And that is just one country. Splunter has infused creativity into these defunct tires and utilized them as the playground’s primary building material, turning piles of rubber into a sculptural playground for refugee children.

The recycled tires which give form to the Rubber Tree (the playground) are held in place by conjoined lengths of bamboo that thread throughout the structure without need for metal hardware.

This adds that enviable an eco touch to the whole project. She has beautifully proven her point that discarded things – be they refugee kids or tires – can be put to wonderful use!

Tires are made from the latex of rubber tree; and now they can serve their duty by becoming the sculpture of a rubber tree, Anne Marie van Splunter has said. Tires turning a full circle!