Leonardo Di Caprio Leads Campaign to Protect Elephants

October 6, 2011 / No Comments

Leonardo Di Caprio has been playing the role of an environmental activist with elan. One of the most committed celebrities in the whole world, the young star had been in the news recently for offering support to the bill banning shark fin trade in California.

elephants Leonardo Di Caprio Leads Campaign to Protect ElephantsHe has now added yet another activity top his eco-activist portfolio by gearing up to lead a campaign by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) raising awareness of endangered elephants.

With the realization that the number of pachyderms has dwindled by 50 percent over the past century, Di Caprio feels their vanishing could prove disastrous to the ecosystems and might “have a lasting impact on the biodiversity of the planet”

The new program will, according to him, inspire and empower people to help protect elephants worldwide.

leonardo di caprio Leonardo Di Caprio Leads Campaign to Protect Elephants

Every year during the Animal Action Week, the IFAW Animal Action Education program comes forward with a campaign. The event is on now and this year’s campaign focuses on elephants and how to help ward off ivory poaching.

In case you are interested in some stats, there used to be 1.3 million elephants in 1979. Following rampant poaching the number has come down to around 500,000.