Pipistrel G4 Emerges Winner at Google-Sponsored 2011 Green Flight Challenge [Video]

October 10, 2011 / No Comments

The popularity of e-concept shows the acceptance of this new technology by the companies. You might have already known about the Google-sponsored 2011 Green Flight Challenge which played an important part of increasing this new concept. The eGenius and the Pipistrel G4 were the final contestants for the $ 1.35 million competition in which Pipistrel G4 became the winner.

pipistrel Pipistrel G4 Emerges Winner at Google Sponsored 2011 Green Flight Challenge [Video]

Both the electric flights made it to the finals by achieving the contest goal of flying 200 miles with an average speed higher than 100 miles per hour and with the fuel consumption of less than one gallon per passenger. The Pipistrel G4 scoring a 403.5 pMPGe (passenger mile per gallon of fuel equivalent) was more efficient than the eGenius which scored only a 375.8 pMPGe.

The Pipistrel G4 that was outstanding in its strategic and engineering supremacy became the world’s first four-seater electric aircraft. It was a modified Pipistrel Taurus of the same wings and fuselage with a specially developed electric propulsion system in the tail.

The mechanics of the flight are interconnected between a 145 kW motor at the center, two-meter and two-blade propeller. The 450 pound lithium polymer batteries power the motor and the whole thing is supported by 75 feet worth of wing span.

Surprisingly, Pipistrel has confirmed that they are not interested in the manufacture of G4. But by 2012, they will be coming with a more traditional-looking 4-seater christened Panthera, which comes in ICE, hybrid and all-electric versions. They are now focusing to produce a new electric flight that can move more than the speed of the sound.

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