Spooktacular Jewelry from Animal Vertebrae

October 13, 2011 / No Comments

To make bonny and spooktacular jewelry, designers have used animal vertebrae! Natalie Mauro and Nicole Morrall have got dozens of vertebrae  for this purpose. For their new jewelry line, Bones and Feathers Collective, the designers melt down recycled bronze bullet casings to mold around wax castings of fox, shark, and rattlesnake vertebrae.

Bones and Feathers Debuts Animal Spine Jewelry Molded From Recycled Bullet Casings 1 Spooktacular Jewelry from Animal VertebraeThe result: Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings that make no bones about their anatomical appeal.

And, there’s even a necklace pendant of a bronze-cast human tooth.

The spring collection is all about turquoise, semiprecious stones, oak beads, and recycled bronze woven together with gold-colored thread.

The line also dabbles in handbags with fringed clutches and crocodile shoulder satchels.

Would you wear them?