London Police Switching to Electric Bikes

October 17, 2011 / No Comments

London police have raced to yet another innovation; patrolling the streets with electric bikes. London’s boys in blue are going to kick-start a greener era of patrol with the unveiling of the Metropolitan Police’s first electric motorcycle: the 2011 Zero DS.

London police on electric Zero DS motorcycle 1 London Police Switching to Electric Bikes

The police squad has confirmed that it’s going to trial a Zero Dual Sport (DS) bike manufactured by Zero Motorcycles. The Met squad will use the electric bike in its Motorcycle Tasking Team and in its BikeSafe and ScooterSafe programs. Mick Cheeseman, sergeant in the Motorcycle Tasking Team, says the electric Zero DS will be tested “under everyday police conditions” to assess whether or not it’s suitable for widespread use within the squad.

Zero Motorcycles Europe’s managing director Edwin Belonje is hopeful that London’s police will be happy with the electric motorcycle.

London police on electric Zero DS motorcycle 21 London Police Switching to Electric Bikes

The Zero DS will provide them with an insight into the huge benefits of electric vehicles, including noise reduction – particularly relevant in pedestrian areas – reduced running costs as there is minimal servicing and maintenance costs associated with electric vehicles, and lower fuel costs, he said.

London’s trial follows a similar action taken by the Scotts Valley police force in California, which has seen the department use the Zero DS for stealth patrol.

Patrol minus petrol will go a long way in accelerating the greening of the environment, in addition to the benefits already listed, and the police force elsewhere will also, hopefully, go the extra mile in keeping abreast of London’s boys in blue.