Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III Launched [Video]

October 19, 2011 / No Comments

To confront environmental criminals across the world, to investigate and expose destructive activities, and perhaps, most of all, to provide a beacon of hope and an inspiration to action wherever she goes, Rainbow Warrior III has girded up her loins. Greenpeace launched their third Rainbow Warrior vessel at a ceremony in Berne-Motzen, Germany, last week. The new high-tech $33M vessel is the most eco-friendly of its class in the world.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III Sets Sail 11 Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III Launched [Video]


It’s a sleek, efficient eco-vessel, every detail crafted with sustainability in mind, from the silicon-based paint on her hull to biological sewage treatment. It will primarily be powered and propelled by the sun and wind. The vessel has all of the latest digital equipment allowing the crew to broadcast video from remote locations and tweet from any ocean

The vessel will first reportedly travel to the US to (oddly) protest the use of coal to burn electricity and then head down to the Amazon to raise awareness of rainforest destruction,

The new Rainbow Warrior is the perfect ship to navigate the perfect storm of ecological, economic and democratic crises lashing our world, said Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director, at the ceremony.

Melina Laboucan-Massimo, the Godmother of the new Rainbow Warrior, quoted the Cree Indian prophecy from which the ship got its name:

“There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the world who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it… they will be known as the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’.”