Switch to Electric Car; Avoid Fuel Shock

October 19, 2011 / No Comments

To spare motorists the shockingly soaring fuel prices, former Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has this advice: switch to electric cars. To avoid a head-on collision with his audience, the Secretary diplomatically dodged their questions on the rising fuel prices and said: “The increase in fuel prices is a function of global oil prices; it’s not driven by policy.”

car Switch to Electric Car; Avoid Fuel Shock

Hammond, who had been speaking at the launch of POLAR, a privately-funded network of electric charge points run by Chargemaster, told guests that we can’t force people out of their cars or place drivers on the naughty step, “as our predecessors did.”

But when Auto Express suggested that prohibitive fuel prices appeared to be doing exactly that, he shirked responsibility and instead blamed oil suppliers.

Motorists now pay 80 pence in tax for every liter of petrol they buy, according to the AA, meaning almost 60 per cent of our fuel bill goes straight to the Treasury.

Asked what the Government intended to do to help reduce fuel prices, Hammond suggested that motorists switch to electric cars. He said people should look to new technologies. Electric cars are very cheap to run and they allow motorists to drive guilt-free, he said

He admitted that electric cars are expensive to buy – the Nissan Leaf costs £25,000 even after the Government’s £5,000 grant but, “production costs will come down, and then you won’t have the high cost of fuel attached either.”