Pact with Nature: Socks Made Using Wind Power

October 21, 2011 / No Comments

Experience the winds of positive change blowing in the field of the apparel industry. We find an increasing trend of dress materials tailor-made to help, directly or indirectly, the disabled and deprived artists all over the world.

PACT Launches Organic Cotton MenGÇÖs Socks Pact with Nature: Socks Made Using Wind Power

When we step out of our luxurious apartments, wearing contemporary dress, all of us had better spare a thought for these hapless beings, who actually form the warp and woof of our economic infrastructure.

PACT seems to be on a mission to clothe every inch of our body in its cause-related wares. Good. They first attempted undies, then T-shirts, now socks. The label’s organic-cotton men’s socks, which debuted the other day, are responsibly knit in a 100 percent wind-powered factory, which uses 46 percent less energy than an equivalent facility.

The first collection features designs inspired by artwork from Creative Growth, the world’s oldest and largest art center to serve artists with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities.

A portion of proceeds will benefit a raft of environmental and social nonprofits, including ForestEthics, Oceana, EarthSpark, and the Sierra Club.

And ladies, if you’re feeling left out, fret not. A women’s line is set to be launched in November.