Air Purifier Plant Andrea is a Charmer [Video]

October 24, 2011 / 1 Comment

However much man tries to toxify the earth, Mother Earth is too loving and kind to reverse that process. Her mute agents like plants are all too ready to help us lead a healthy and perfect life. This wonderful symbiosis between man and nature can create wonders. Take a look at this air purifier.

greenpacks andreaairpurifier1 Air Purifier Plant Andrea is a Charmer [Video]

The Andrea Air Purifier is a brilliant partnership between man and plant that accelerates nature’s natural ability to clean air to detoxify the atmosphere inside our homes.

This amazing gadget can clean the air in your home 1,000 times better than a normal houseplant.

Andrea was invented by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards as part of an artistic science experiment in 2007. The purifier, which arrived at the stores in North America in January of 2010, can amplify the air cleaning ability of a plant with the help of a mechanical fan that moves air past the plant’s leaves, through the soil and roots and out through a water tray that collects toxins.

Andrea can work with many a species of house plants and combines stylish design with proven functionality to not only take away toxins from your home but also to add a sense of style. Andrea’s unique multi-stage, all-natural cleaning system ensures a safe and healthy home for your family.