Mo Gives You Transportation Options; Helps Save Money Too

November 1, 2011 / No Comments

There are times when a technological evolution can cater to some notable changes on a rather different system. Heard about the Mo sharing service? It lets a cell phone app to form a linked network of more varied transportation options.

mo Mo Gives You Transportation Options; Helps Save Money Too

This is a joint venture between LUNAR Europe, environmental organization Green City e.V. and the University of Wuppertal. This service will push people to use low eco-impact transportation methods. The ideal choices will include public transportation, bikes, e-bikes, and sharing cars.
Mo, by using a smartphone app, will be able to track the miles each user travels in the specified mode of transportation.

These ‘Momiles’ will let you save your bills on a range of things. For instance, if you choose to take public transportation, you will be rewarded with ‘Momile’ credits that can be later exchanged when you are in need of rent-a-car. The merit of this system is that users will be able to procure credit for pedaling their own bikes.

This new mobility system will hopefully change user behavior and encourage eco-friendly decisions. With more people joining this service, Mo expects to reduce the need for shared cars.

This service is still in its infancy, but organizing different options and providing positive feedback can bring the system to a more a balanced way. Currently, the system is limited to the boundaries of Munich.

We hope that the technology and planning engaged in this system could be integrated well to increase the flexibility of existing car sharing systems. What is your take on this?