Sweden’s Treehotel Adds Flying Saucer-like Suite; Names it The UFO!

November 1, 2011 / No Comments

A trip to the Swedish eco-hotel Treehotel can leave you wonderstruck! The hotel has now added new suite in the shape of a flying saucer! The flying saucer-like suite adds to the uniqueness of the Treehotel, giving it an entirely different environment.

THE UFO Swedens Treehotel Adds Flying Saucer like Suite; Names it  The UFO!

The Treehotel has also christened the new suite aptly – The UFO! Big enough to house four people, The UFO has separate bedrooms, bathroom and living room within an area of 30 square meters. Built on two floors, the suite boasts porthole windows that let you watch the surrounding nature with no disturbance whatsoever.

A large round skylight hole pours natural daylight into the room and you can see the night sky through it. The environment around the UFO is calm and cool letting the visitors to relax and enjoy.

In case you didn’t know, the Treehotel is situated near the Lule River in Sweden. Incorporating six spacious rooms, the Treehotel were constructed by local companies to reduce the impact on the sites.

The rooms are hung in a way such that the trees don’t get harmed. The rooms have been constructed using environmentally safe materials, and they feature insulation, underfloor heating, LED lighting, water efficient fixtures and composting toilets.

Winner of Sweden’s Grand Tourism Award this year, this amazing piece of architecture beckons the traveler in you. What are you waiting for?