Mitsubishi i MIEV Given Away as Prize to Teacher in Hawaii

November 4, 2011 / No Comments

Can u imagine becoming the proud owner of a Mitsubishi car without even spending a penny? You may think that it is beyond imagination. But a teacher has managed to get it as a pretty big prize!

teacher iMiev Mitsubishi i MIEV Given Away as Prize to Teacher in Hawaii

Chad Miller, who works as a high school teacher in Kailua, Hawaii, won a Mitsubishi iMIEV provided by his local Mitsu dealer for a year!

The  i MIEV is an electric vehicle from the Mitsubishi stables featuring rear-wheel drive, light weight and instant torque bubble up.

Chad Miller will also be provided with two charging stations. One charging station for his home and the other for his school. He was awarded the car as he was named as the ‘State Teacher of the Year’.

Hawaii, as you know, is ideal EV market for many reasons. Hawaii provides a good range for EVs with pretty good target audience. So Mitsubishi takes this as a chance to enhance their market in Hawaii and also EVs by giving away this worthy prize.

Miller and Mitsubishi will be the focus of some hundreds of students of the school as there will be a charging station installed at the school. Congrats Miller!