Solar Cucumber for On-the-Spot Desalination of Sea Water

November 9, 2011 / No Comments

Innovation never isolates environment friendly technology. This time around, let us introduce the innovation in solar powered desalination process to our readers. This one, called the Solar Cucumber, carries out the desalination of sea water and produces drinkable freshwater.

solar cucumber Solar Cucumber for On the Spot Desalination of Sea Water

The Solar Cucumber turns sea water to freshwater at source, making it much useful to the water starved communities in costal environment. This is how it works.

The mini bus unit is where sea water is evaporated and condensed, the process which helps remove the salt content in water. The unit uses multiple-humidification process, which is more like the normal environmental water cycle.

The Solar Cucumber uses solar power and reverse osmosis to separate salt and other substances from seawater, making it usable.

Maintenance is not an issue for this self cleansing system, thanks to the advanced non-stick style materials used in it. Plus, it reduces the cost and need of transporting water, which is generally impractical.

The unit could be deployed floating at sea or on land to provide water in disaster or environmental relief situations. It also encourages the growth of marine habitats and biodiversity in permanent off shore installations, with the help of the unit’s anchor system which would form part of an artificial reef.