Cooking Oil Powered Flights Take Off

November 10, 2011 / No Comments

Alaska Airlines has become the first commercial flight to take off on biofuel blend derived from cooking oil. Earlier this week, United Airlines had teamed up with Solazyme to fly the first ever US commercial flight powered by advanced biofuel. However, it was powered by a mix of Solazyme algae biofuels and traditional jet fuels.

alaskaair Cooking Oil Powered Flights Take Off

Alaska Airlines used a blend of 20% cooking oil and 80% traditional jet fuel in their flight; whereas, United Airlines used a blend of 40% biofuels and 60% traditional jet fuel.

Alaska Airlines, earlier, had mentioned that they would fuel 75 of its flights with an aviation biofuel blend prepared by Dynamic Fuel. When Alaska Airlines partnered with Dynamic Fuel for this project, United Airlines, partnered with Solazyme.

However, it was a normal flight experience to the passengers as they didn’t feel any difference.  However, they were happy that they could travel in the historic flights.

Robert Ames of Dynamic Fuels mentioned that the biofuel was chemically identical to aviation fuels. He added that the flight would even have run solely on bio fuel.

As the airline companies race to snatch the first positions, more and more innovations are sure to surface. We will bring you the news as we hear one. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for more exciting green flights.