Ryno Electric Unicycle Set to Fill Sidewalks and Roads [Video]

November 11, 2011 / 2 Comments

The Segway was revolutionary. It ensured its world wide acceptance with the utility, compactness and the space it occupied, as we could see lots of people sliding on the Segway.  Here we got yet another vehicle that may get another popularity crown as it gears up to fill sidewalks and roads. It’s the Ryno electric unicycle.

Ryno Cycle Ryno Electric Unicycle Set to Fill Sidewalks and Roads [Video]

Well it is a unicycle, hence you will need to do the balancing part, and from what you can see in the video down below, it may not be hard as you think. The Ryno takes only a small amount of space, compared to the prevailing rivals.

Thanks to the big 25-inch thick wheel, it looks like you are in for a comfortable ride. Ryno takes its birth thanks to Chris Hoffmann, a mechanical engineer who has been working on the vehicle over the past five years. It’s actually in the production phase, and we will soon be able get to ride on this one.

The Ryno is estimated to have cost $25000 for production, but Hoffmann is thinking to make the market pay about $3500. As per their website site, Ryno has three variants 1) Government / Industrial 2) Sport 3) Urban Low Speed Transport.

The Ryno is aiming for those are taking frequent short traversing, that may include patrolmen or guards who don’t get a chance to sit around during their shifts, as this can help an effective guarding.

The production model is expected to have a top speed of 25mph with a maximum of 30 miles range. The Ryno is light weight at 125 pounds.

You can really give a shot for this single wheel scooter, because we can travel, show off and don’t need to look for parking space. May be electric unicycles with optimized balancing and easy turning mechanisms can happen in bigger numbers in future.