Qualcomm Set For Wireless EV Charging Trial

November 15, 2011 / No Comments

Qualcomm, which has acquired HaloIPT and along with it their famed electric vehicle wireless charging technology, will put to play the Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology in London. HaloIPT is one of the leading providers of wireless charging technology for EVs. Post-acquisition, members of the HaloIPT team have joined Qualcomm’s European Innovation Development group.

qualcomm wireless charging Qualcomm Set For Wireless EV Charging Trial

As a part of the trial, Qualcomm plans to install chargers and also invite EV manufacturers into the venture so as to see how the trial will work with them. Addison Lee, the largest taxi company in the UK, has already announced their participation in the trial where almost 50 vehicles can take part.

Qualcomm has been investing in wireless charging for the past several years. It is expected that the acquisition of HaloIPT will enhance Qualcomm’s technology and patent portfolio. Within a short period of two years, HaloIPT was able to make valuable achievements in the field of wireless electric charging for EVs and win many laurels. HaloIPT was able to develop their wireless charging technology as a result of the researches done in the labs of the University of Auckland.

Qualcomm has now taken up a long term research and development arrangement in their bid to enhance the continuing innovation in the wireless charging of EVs using inductive power transfer.

Let us hope that in the near future EVs would get a wireless charging method so that they can be more efficient than the gas guzzlers.