Panasonic Energy-Efficient LED Bulb Looks Like an Incandescent Bulb

November 16, 2011 / No Comments

With the government already in a stalemate between energy efficiency and utility standards, it seems that Panasonic has come forward with a solution. They have revealed a high-tech LED alternative that looks similar to the age -old incandescent bulb.

Panasonic LED bulb1 Panasonic Energy Efficient LED Bulb Looks Like an Incandescent Bulb

Though Panasonic’s new LED bulb avatar resembles the old-fashioned bulb with a clear glass and visible filament, it will have improved power usage and efficiency. For instance, it only uses only 4.4 watts – which is very efficient and has a life span of around 40,000 hours.

The new Panasonic bulb discards the CFL, thus doing away with mercury that requires proper disposal. It will meet the full potential as soon as it is turned on.

Also, Panasonic LED bulbs are rated as A-energy sector, providing high-efficiency with a 48 lm/W. It also boasts a high lumen upholding of 70% at expiry and high color rendering of around 80%.

This idea has made news by winning the 2011 Good Design Award. We are now hoping that this concept will soon be materializing into a production model.