Toyota Prius C Gears Up for Tokyo Show [Video]

November 16, 2011 / No Comments

It is a known fact that Toyota has a slew of new offerings in the green terrain. The Japanese auto giant is now planning a smaller hatchback version of the Prius. Referred to as Prius C, this smaller vehicle will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, which is round the corner.

priusc Toyota Prius C Gears Up for Tokyo Show [Video]

However, we hear the US will have to wait a while after the January Detroit Motor Show to get to drive the Prius C.

This agile hatchback is hardly the size of a Yaris, but has impressive specifications under the hood. Toyota will couple the hybrid powered engine with yet to be exposed “high-output” electric motor with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine.

The car will boast less centre of gravity than its predecessor, thereby giving it better maneuverability and luggage space.

Meanwhile, reduced weight and a smaller, less powerful powertrain will ensure better fuel economy as well. Toyota boasts that the car can return over a 50 miles per gallon in the city rides, which would be matching the record fuel economy for any non-plug-in vehicle.