Volkswagen eT! Concept Electric Delivery Van will Charm You

November 21, 2011 / No Comments

Have you ever imagined operating your car with a joy stick or a touchpad? Well it seems that the days are not far when you would be playing with such things. Wondering what we are talking about? Its about the new sensation eT!, Volkswagen’s latest van concept. They have partnered with the German Post Office and the University of Art at Braunschweig to create the electric delivery van.

VWET Volkswagen eT! Concept Electric Delivery Van will Charm You

eT! is a completely  zero-emissions driving vehicle. The best part about the vehicle is that this car can be operated by a joystick type device on the passenger’s side if necessary.

Dr. Rudolf Krebs, Group Manager for Electric Traction at Volkswagen AG, states that eT! is a pure electrically powered transporter that systematically transfers E-mobility to the area of commercial use. He also added that eT! offers maximum freedom in maneuvering and turning as well as optimal utilization of the vehicle’s interior space.

Engineered to simplify the life and task of the deliveryman, this vehicle optimizes the logistics of delivery and shortens delivery times by operating in semi-automatic mode. eT! can follow delivery man from house to house or can return to him on command. The vehicle also employs electrically opening sliding doors.

Together it should be a new experience. Though nothing much is known about the vehicles drivetrain, we give you word that we would serve the news, as soon as it surfaces, hot right on your table. Stay tuned.