Nissan Boss Expects EV Demand to Touch 500,000 Mark by 2020

November 28, 2011 / No Comments

When it comes to EV demand, it looks like the world will want more of them in the coming years. At5 least, that is what Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn believes. Going by the way the Nissan Leaf has been garnering much support, we need to believe him.

Ghosn Nissan Boss Expects EV Demand to Touch 500,000 Mark by 2020

It is common knowledge that the sales of the Leaf continue to be constrained by supply. Though the demand factor may not be up front in the picture, Ghosn thinks that the Nissan will be pushed forward thanks to the US production of the Leaf EV.

However, he doesn’t want to say that the price of the Leaf will go down when the US production picks up!

According to him, the global demand for Renault-Nissan’s electric cars is expected to touch the 500,000 mark a year on a global scale. And, that is expected to happen by the year 2020.

Nissan, which is looking to see their gas-electric market surge by year 2015, sees good fortunes in the hybrid segment in the near term. Going by what Ghosn believes, for the near term, the company’s hybrid models such as the Altima, might see much demand.

Lets wait to see what happens.