Great Barrier Reef to Get Much-Needed Protection

November 29, 2011 / No Comments

The most sought after biodiverse spot in the universe is now getting a helping hand in its bid to survive. With the Australian government expressing keenness to protect it, the Great Barrier Reef is on the road to become the world’s largest marine reserve.

GreatBarrierReef Great Barrier Reef to Get Much Needed Protection

The initiatives planned will make it a Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve, and will be protected from oil and gas exploration activities in future. This apart, it is being reported that the marine reserve will protect over 380,000 square miles of coastal area.

The government initiative will make possible a better life for man of the endangered species, sharks, tuna, coral reef, and deep-sea canyons at the proposed marine reserve.

What is most significant about the government plan is that the region will manage to keep away oil and gas exploration attempts, and thereby keep the fragile marine ecosystem intact.

The initiative is also said to be planned in such a way that the fishing industry would be made to stay off. The only aspect of concern is that the fishing ban will only be in effect for 51 percent of the protected park area, it is believed.

The Australian authorities are expected to chart out and assess a plan with enough guidelines aimed at environmental protection factored in over the next three months time. A noble initiative, we think.