Mitsubishi EV Production to Move Up

December 6, 2011 / No Comments

As far as Mitsubishi  is considered, users of their vehicles shouldn’t be in a dilemma regarding the issue of when will the next cars from Mitsubishi launch. Mitsubishi President, Osamu Masuko said there won’t be any issues as they will be launching the Mirage EV as soon as possible and will be out for sale by 2013.

mitsubishi i Mitsubishi EV Production to Move Up

In the course of time, the first examples of the EV car will start deliveries in four states (California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii) in early 2012. The reason for the advanced roll-out schedule is that Mitsubishi dealers are clamoring for it, Masuko said during the Tokyo Motor Show.

This is really no surprise, since Mitsubishi is promoting the car through Facebook and clever TV ads. Masuko also said that Mitsubishi will introduce a second small EV, this one based on the Mirage, to the U.S. in the middle of 2013.

Meanwhile, in Norway, the round i-MiEV (as it is known overseas) is selling quite well, moving 1,000 units there. The i-MiEV is perfectly pleasant for cruising around town.

Power comes from a 330-volt, 16-kWh battery pack mounted under the rear cargo bay that develops 63 horsepower and 133 pound-feet of torque. The i-MiEV is not quick, but when you consider it only weighs 2,376 pounds, the electric key car is perfectly capable of keeping up with full-sized American autos.

As there’s only a single gear, torque is delivered instantly off the line, so there’s a smooth rush of power as soon as you step on the go-pedal.

The i-MiEV uses a rear-wheel-drive configuration, too, so there’s never any unwanted liveliness from the front wheels. It’s smooth and quiet while being plenty powerful, and the driving experience is wholly unique.