Ford Focus Electric Production Begins

December 15, 2011 / No Comments

Focus, the much awaited EV from Ford, has started production at the car maker’s assembly in Michigan. At first, the EV will be available in California and New Jersey. But as the production speeds up, it will be available in other US states as well.

Focus Electric Ford Focus Electric Production Begins

As far as Ford is concerned, Focus is like a new uplift in its EV segment as the vehicle is quite superior to other EVs available in the market. The design of the Focus is much more appealing than the Nissan Leaf and other EVs along with the fact that all other specifications of the vehicle are pretty impressive.

The 240 volt charging mechanism is a boost to this EV as this will considerably decrease the charging time to 3 hours, which is almost half the time other EVs take. The owners of the Focus will be provided with a 240 volt charger adapter with which they can charge their Focus. Though the conventional chargers works fine with the Focus, faster charging is always a virtue. Focus features a lithium ion battery pack with 23 kWh capacity.

Ford Focus also features an on-board navigation system that aids in reaching a particular destination as soon as the data is fed to the system. Top speed for the Focus Electric will be 84 mph (136 kph) and the electric motor produces 123 hp/92 kw along with 181 lb.-ft./246 Nm of torque which goes to the front wheels through a 1-speed transmission.

To reduce the price, use of aluminum is restricted wherever possible but this has increased the curb weight of Focus to 3,691 lbs. With efficient aerodynamics, Focus is predicted to roll out more than any other EV in 2012.