Mazda EV for the US Likely in 2018

December 16, 2011 / No Comments

Mazda is currently busy with their Skyactiv technology and is planning to launch an EV by 2018 for the US market. Market researchers have forecast that the launch will be at California,  as the number of potential buyers are more there – and as far as an automotive company is concerned, boosting sales is their primary motto.

mazda Mazda EV for the US Likely in 2018

It is true that 2018 seems a bit far and we don’t know how the markets will be then.

But what Mazda is planning is to revolutionize the world with the EV and for that they have to achieve 100% success in their Skyactiv technology.

This technology will make their vehicles totally eco-friendly with zero emissions and enhanced mileage.

Skyactiv Technology is a multi-state procedure that will be practiced on every car the company makes, so as to reach the aim of complete ecofriendliness.

The combustion ratio is targeted to reach 14:1 was their primary aim which was satisfied with high octane fuels.

Now the technology is modified to meet the requirements of an ecofriendly car that not only is ethical but also appealing with more profound technical features.

The procedure is a pretty complex one and that is why the deadline is set to 2018. But as technology is improving day by day we may expect to see the launch sooner than 2018.