Know How Much Water You Use [Video]

December 19, 2011 / 1 Comment

How do you monitor your outdoor water use, like the water needed for plants? Well, you probably just let your intuition do the work. Now, there is something new to help you with that; a gadget that tells you how much water is being used in real time.

watermonitor Know How Much Water You Use [Video]

Basically, the Water Saver can be attached to the end of a hose and then it displays the amount of water used in gallons or liters, so that you do not end up using more, or less, water than the required amount.

But it does not have an automatic shut-off when it reaches certain level. You will have to do it by yourself.  Also it would have been more impressive if the gadget could save the data from your past uses so that you can get an idea of your water use habits.

But what every gardener gets is the pleasure of not wasting water. If you want that, be willing to spend $25 on this one.

Water conservation is the cause.