Replay Jeans Introduces Laser Wash Technology; Cuts Down on Water Wastage

December 26, 2011 / No Comments

Italian denim brand Replay Jeans has introduced a new technology to reproduce the double jointed look of classic vintage denim, without much stress on environment. The new technology is called ‘Laser Wash’, which uses Laser rather than water.

replay laser wash jeans Replay Jeans Introduces Laser Wash Technology; Cuts Down on Water Wastage

The ozone washing machines the company uses further cuts the amount of water needed by a conventional denim tumbler. With the Laser Wash, no sandblasting is required, in contrast to earlier techniques of denim washing. Since ozone is used, it imparts better efficiency to washing.

Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Fashion Box, Replay’s parent company, has said that the Laser Wash is an extraordinary treatment, which had allowed them not only to create unique jeans, but also to create a new concept, ‘contemporary vintage,’ bringing together history with technology.

The above remark by Matteo Sinigaglia appears true, when we learn the science behind the process. Ozone is three molecules of oxygen held together and when it breaks it liberates individual oxygen molecules, which helps in better washing.

Earlier in 2007, the company began offering organic cotton to the customers. Now, the capsule collection is available for men in slim fit and skinny for women. The cost is roughly $220, which is not much more than the existing range.

The denim industry is becoming more and more competitive by each day passing. New technologies are helping the companies to survive each challenges posed by the rivals. For Replay Jeans, the Laser Wash technology did the purpose very well.