Apple Mulls Over Replacing Plug-In Batteries with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

December 27, 2011 / 1 Comment

It seems Apple is never tired of experimenting with innovations. Currently, the company is thinking of replacing the conventional plug-in batteries with fuel cells so as to increase the time the battery takes to drain out.

macbook Apple Mulls Over Replacing Plug In Batteries with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

It is fairly understood that this renaissance may aid pollution but fuel cells indeed provide longer gaps between recharges.

Hydrogen fuel cells tend to have troubles in storage and provide a security risk in addition. So other fuel cells are currently considered by Apple.

Making people to refuel their laptops by replacing their drained fuel cell with a new one rather than just plugging into a wall socket might prove to be a challenge.

We might not be ready for fuel cells as consumers, and of course the technology is years away. Even so, it comes across as a great idea to bring in renewable alternative energy.

The use of power has been increasing exponentially these days and looking at that, the use of fuel cells is indeed an impressive idea. But the cons of this idea are too being pointed out. They include chance of explosion and the like.

For the time being, Apple will be putting in efforts for the growth of this technology so that if there occurs a scenario where there will be shortage for electricity, this technology may come in handy.