Fisker Karma on Show at Harrods in London

January 18, 2012 / No Comments

Dazzling is just an after effect if you have walked into Harrods and now to brighten up the situation, Fisker Karma is being exhibited there in its full pride. Harrods is an up-market department store located inBrompton Roadin Brompton, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.

fisker harrods Fisker Karma on Show at Harrods in London

The Harrods brand also applies to other enterprises undertaken by the Harrods group of companies including Harrods Bank, Harrods Estates, Harrods Aviation and Air Harrods, and to Harrods Buenos Aires, sold by Harrods in 1922 and closed as of 2011, with plans announced to reopen in 2013. The store occupies a 5-acre (20,000 sq.mtrs) site and has over one million square feet (90,000 sq.mtrs) of selling space in over 330 departments.

The Karma lays a good foundation for an ideal EV. Up front there’s a 260-hp, GM-supplied four-cylinder engine spinning a mighty generator. Next in line is a 20-kWh, American-made lithium-ion battery pack.

Twin AC motors straddling the rear axle deliver 402 horsepower to the differential. The propulsion system, the Brembo brakes, the 22-inch cast aluminum wheels, and the aluminum suspension components are supported by an aluminum space frame stitched together with 260 feet of welds and a thousand or so rivets.

The Karma’s aluminum skin is finished with a solar-cell roof, a composite deck-lid, and plastic bumpers.

The Karma’s initial surge is sufficiently potent to avoid damnation as a slug. But the physics conspire against it keeping pace with other $100K sports sedans. In spite of the joys of low-rpm electric torque, the realities of a curb weight well above 4000 pounds and only one gear ratio mean that mileage is where this car excels.

It is like a Jason Statham movie in Harrods as along with the visual delight you get there, there are solid muscles behind the scenes.