OLED Solar Sun Roof Turning Real

January 25, 2012 / No Comments

Philips and BASF have teamed up to create an OLED concept for your car that would also function as a high-tech roof. The idea is that the sunroof will let in light during the days and also charges the solar cells at the same time, and at night, the panels turn into a light powered by the electricity stored earlier.

Rooftop OLED Solar Panels OLED Solar Sun Roof Turning Real

Philips, along with BASF, is hoping the collaborative efforts will pull together interest from the automotive community as well as consumers by leading the research in this area.

While driving, Philip’s new technology would allow drivers to have a transparent view of the outside of the car in addition to providing ambient OLED lighting.

Philips even suggests that the panels could be fitted with solar panels allowing it to naturally charge during the day without cause for concern, and creating a self-powered sunroof in the process.

The researchers from both the companies have placed some organic compounds within a transparent plastic piece that they could either tile or expand to cover the roof of a car.

When paired with a transparent solar cell these lights could not only give the driver a pleasant cruising experience but also provide energy to run their vehicle.

The entire surface of an OLED light gives off a glow, making truly flat panels of lighting possible. This OLED light is just 1.8 millimeters thin and from its initial looks, this will be a promising technology that will be popular in near future.