Electrolux NJORD Flask Can Create Water out of Humid Air

January 27, 2012 / No Comments

When we first heard of the Electrolux NJORD, we were quite surprised to hear about a flask that can give us water from the air around it. The idea behind the product was so simple but the implementation side, which includes the design, was absolutely a very hectic job for the people at Electrolux. However, this product upholds the effort researchers are putting into almost every aspect of our life.

njord5 Electrolux NJORD Flask Can Create Water out of Humid Air

In warm climates, humid days come and go, but this fascinating flask makes the most of the wet air. You simply press the button found on the cap of this hi-tech canteen and it works to convert atmospheric moisture into a pure potable beverage within.

Creator Reymin De Leon estimates that his invention could churn out about one liter of H2O if the vessel sits in plus 50% humidity for around two hours.

For optimally efficient condensing, the NJORD Portable Water Creator makes use of an internal thermostat and a malleable polar polymer to achieve the best in-bottle conditions.

The polar polymer that is used in this condenser is a synthetic material that is capable of slowing down molecules and refrigerating them after they get charged. That is how it creates condensation based on an average temperature difference of 20 degrees Celsius.