Toyota Prius C Preorders Mounting

February 6, 2012 / No Comments

People at Toyota were surprised to see the huge number of preorders their Prius C has amassed in Japan within the first five days of the model’s launch! The order was around 10 times the production capability of the unit in a month.

priusc Toyota Prius C Preorders Mounting

Toyota’s new Prius C is the smallest, least expensive and most fuel-efficient member of the Prius family. Intended as a gateway car to attract younger buyers to the Prius nameplate as well as theToyotabrand, the Prius c offers an impressive 53 mpg in the city along with a slightly sportier feel than other cars of the same segment.

The Prius C features Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drivewith a 1.5-liter DOHC four-cylinder, 16–valve with VVT-i gasoline engine with a high-output motor. The hybrid system includes a new inverter, motor and battery. The hybrid powertrain weighs around 88 lb (40 kg) less than that the standard Prius Lift-back.

The 1NZ-FXE engine produces 54 kW (73 hp) and the HSD motor is rated at 45 kW (60 hp). Total output is rated at 74 kW (99 hp). The body of the Prius c is smaller than the traditional Prius, with a wheelbase of 2,550 mm (100.4 in) it is 150 mm (5.9 in) shorter between the axles, and with a length of 4,000 mm (157.3 in) the Prius c is 490 mm (19.1 in) shorter overall than the standard Prius Lift-back.

Four trim levels will be available, adding certain features as you go up the model ladder. These amenities include automatic climate control, a tilt and telescopic steering column with audio, climate, Multi-Information Display and Bluetooth hands-free controls, and a remote keyless entry with illuminated entry.

The Prius C will be especially targeted at young, first time car buyers, consumers who value fuel efficiency, environmental sustainability and value. Indeed, with a price point below $20,000, the Prius C approaches the cost of other small cars in its class while delivering superior fuel economy.