Solar-Powered Vehicle Concept Suited for Deserts and Open Lands

February 10, 2012 / No Comments

Designer Omer Sagiv’s futuristic Solar Powered Vehicle (SPV) is absolutely a mind blowing concept that can give its users an ideal ride across deserts and open lands. The SPV almost resembles Nuon solar car, developed sometime ago by Delft University.

SPV concept Solar Powered Vehicle Concept Suited for Deserts and Open Lands

The shaft in the centre of the SPV functions as an inbuilt cooling system, integrated in its form. The aerodynamic form allows it to collect energy through a long drive in the desert (or any sunny environment).

Hence not only that it is powered by solar power, this car can also recharge your home power, with the extra energy collected using its solar panels.

Made out of an aluminum structure with flexible thin-film modules fixed on to it, the solar powered vehicle is sleek as well as futuristic.

The SPV comes with not only a solar option to charge. There is also an option to charge the electric car from home power outlets. Extra energy can be collected from sunlight on the move.

The SPV sports an attractive look  and, of course, thanks to its aluminum body, it is glossier. Sagiv has surfaced this solar powered vehicle design as an eco friendly option for riding.

In the future, manufactures might bring it into reality, and we guess the construction of the vehicle may not be much expensive.