Bottled Water Sales Banned at Grand Canyon National Park

February 13, 2012 / No Comments

Canned is now banned. Bottled water sales will be prohibited in Grand CanyonNational Parkfrom the first of March. Plastic littering has been a major problem at the Canyon and the ban comes as a measure to mitigate the crisis once and for all.

grand canyon water filling station Bottled Water Sales Banned at Grand Canyon National Park

The National Park Service announced that it has approved a plan to eliminate the sale of the bottles within 30 days. They make up about 20 percent of the park’s waste and 30 percent of recyclables.

Visitors can fill up reusable containers at water stations, though the ban doesn’t keep them from bringing disposable bottles into the park.

TheGrand Canyonhas installed 10 water filling stations on the South Rim and three on the North Rim, and some of the park’s concessionaires have installed similar facilities at hotels or restaurants.

The new policy applies only to bottled water. Retail outlets within the park can still sell soda and juice in plastic bottles, and visitors can still bring plastic bottles into the park.

The new restrictions follow the example ofUtah’sZionNational Park, which launched a similar program in 2008, andHawaiiVolcanoesNational Park, which offers water stations and encourages visitors to bring their own bottles or buy a stainless steel re-usable bottle at theKilaueaVisitorsCenter.

What do you think about the new measure?