Infiniti Emerg-E Design Leaked

February 15, 2012 / No Comments

We have seen a series of leaked design photos of this future baby and this time the stuff is real. Patent office design illustrations of the Infiniti Emerg-E have leaked officially. The images tend to offer an initial glimpse at the Emerge-E’s styling, although certain elements –  such as the squashed C-pillar, flat front-end and subtly different rear end –  suggest the concept has taken on some changes since these new renderings were created.

Emerg E Infiniti Emerg E Design Leaked

Nissan’s luxury arm has yet to reveal any of the fine details on the car, although it has confirmed that the concept will focus on electric power, and it will be known as the Emerg-E.

While the new concept might draw some inspiration from the Essence, Infiniti says it will utilize a new platform unique to the Emerg-E. Power will be delivered by an electric motor and petrol range-extender engine will utilize technology that’s new to the brand.

Similar in concept to GM’s Chevrolet/Holden Volt, the Emerg-E will be propelled by its powerful electric motor exclusively, with the petrol engine kicking in only to recharge the batteries when needed.

Following in the performance image of the M Hybrid, Infiniti promises that the Emerg-E’s mid-mounted electric power-train will return “vivid performance” and “optimal handling”.

Of course, the performance is just part of the Emerg-E’s purpose, with the sports car also capable of zero-emissions motoring. Although the EMERG-E was not specifically named on these leaked design patents, the car’s overall look matches the teaser image released by Infiniti earlier this month.