Toyota FT-Bh Teased Yet Again Ahead of Geneva Debut

February 23, 2012 / No Comments

Toyota continues to charm enthusiasts by spilling teaser shots of its much talked about FT-Bh Concept or more elaborated as ‘Future Toyota B-segment hybrid’.Toyota is the pioneer car company that has mass-produced the most, and this firm has helped very much in bringing hybrid adoption to the world.

Toyotaconceptteaser Toyota FT Bh Teased Yet Again Ahead of Geneva Debut

The new FT-Bh concept is an interesting hybrid car that will shake things up a little bit by bringing efficiency to new levels unheard in the industry.

Much rides on the shoulders of how the FT-Bh concept will appeal to consumers and if anyone wants to see what the future of hybrid cars look like according toToyota, then head over toGenevafor the next auto show on March 6.

Toyotahas announced it will be a five-door subcompact and it stands to reason that it should accommodate five seats. The most intriguing part is that the company claims its curb weight would ring in at less than 1760 pounds without resorting to the use of exotic materials and expensive manufacturing techniques.

As for the powertrain, if the latest European hybrids Toyota released are anything to judge from, the FT-Bh should be yet another downsized version of the standard gas/electric hybrid drivetrain as used in the European Yaris.

The FT-Bh is designed to shape what we should expect from the company’s future in the hybrid B segment. If it focuses mostly on further reducing fuel consumption, it really achieves its greatest result with an announced projection of 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Usually such numbers are followed with shock but Toyota has always managed to offer hybrids at an affordable price and within an economically viable framework for the company.