Wind Harvester Horizontal Wind Turbine to Generate Power from Low Speed Winds Too

February 29, 2012 / No Comments

Remember Don Quixote and how he fought a windmill? Windmills were giant structures, since they needed lot of wind energy to function, so do the current wind turbines, which make them gigantic figures. Though wind energy is one of the best sustainable energy sources, the juggernaut attire of the turbines makes it difficult to tap it in certain situations.

windharvester.jpg.492x0 q85 crop smart Wind Harvester Horizontal Wind Turbine to Generate Power from Low Speed Winds Too

However, a shift from the conventional gigantic wind turbine is now a reality with Wind Harvester – a newly designed wind turbine by Heath Evdemon with support fromNottinghamTrentUniversity’s Future Factory.

The highlight of the new design is not only that it’s horizontal structure, but also that it can generate electricity from high and low wind speeds. This is made possible with the peculiar type of motion that is involved in the power generation.

Wind Harvester functions with a reciprocating motion much like the system in an aeroplane in which the horizontal aerofoils are used. It makes it operational in low wind speeds too.

Wind Harvester is claimed to be noise free and can be installed almost anywhere with its ability to generate power from low speed winds. The developers of this highly sustainable idea claim that the new turbine will be operational at higher wind speeds than the current gigantic wind turbines.

Wind Harvester can be manufactured in any size with up to 15 meters in its width. In all cases, it will be less than half a meter above the ground. Since it can be made into portable pieces, no big machinery is needed for implementation as in the case of gigantic wind turbines.

A large scale working model of the new turbine is expected to be installed at  the Derbyshire Peak District soon.