Toyota Ft-Bh Video Elaborates on Amazing Fuel-Efficiency

March 13, 2012 / No Comments

The Toyota FT-Bh Concept was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show and it points at a future fuel-efficient Toyota that could be powered by CNG. The concept could also take the form of a plug-in hybrid, achieving an average of 134.5 mpg and this one looks like a heir to the Prius throne.

Toyota Toyota Ft Bh Video Elaborates on Amazing Fuel Efficiency

Driving the hybrid concept is a two-cylinder 1.0 litre petrol engine, paired with an electric motor which is a combination that weighs more than the three-cylinder 1.0 litre engine available with the Yaris in overseas markets.

Due to that extra mass in the powertrain,Toyotahas reduced the mass of the body shell, interior trim, chassis and electronics by around 340kg to achieve its target weight.

Part of the concept’s excellent fuel economy comes from its aerodynamics: a co-efficient of drag of just 0.235 compares with 0.25 for the Prius, and an average of about 0.29 for a B-segment car.

The FT-Bh has been designed to keep manufacturing costs down by using materials that are already becoming common in the industry. The FT-Bh concept inherits elements of Toyota’s next-generation ‘keen look’ design language; the dominant themes being three-dimensionality, a prominent badge, and an inverted ‘U’ shaped open bumper.

The vertical headlights integrate into the wheel arches creating a streamlined appearance that continues along the bullet-shaped body, tapering away to the prominent rear and unique squiggle taillights.

The video shows the concept in a very attractive manner and any hybrid lover will be falling in love with this baby Prius in no time.