Nissan Dealer Network in Europe to Grow Tenfold

March 14, 2012 / No Comments

The Nissan Leaf is a wonderful car and the automaker wants it to be the most popular car in the coming season. For that, Nissan has decided to increase the number of car dealers in Europe to 1,000, which, of course, is 10 times the number of dealers they have right now.

nissanleaf Nissan Dealer Network in Europe to Grow Tenfold

Nissan is expecting to sell Leaf in 14 European markets by the end of April. They are expecting to achieve the target through 700 dealers and the firm will be installing charging stations by that time to power up Leaf.

To expand the infrastructure, 400 quick charging stations will also be set up by that time. About $13,260 will be spent on each such quick-charger as these can recharge a leaf in about 30 minutes to a whopping 80% of the total capacity.

The coming June will mark the production of Leaf batteries in UK. Renault and Nissan will also be working on a system where the Leaf’s batteries can be sold such that they can be used as a power storage device for the grid.

The current Leaf batteries are provided with long warranties and Nissan points out that unlike any other mass-market car, the Leaf costs almost nothing to maintain, since its electric engine doesn’t even need regular oil changes.

For 2012, the Nissan Leaf gets more standard features, with the trade-off being a price increase of $2,420 on base models and $3,530 on SL models.

Cold-weather features such as heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel, heated exterior mirrors and a battery heater are now standard on all models, with SL models adding a standard quick-charge port.