Jessica Capshaw Rallies Against Pollution in Video for Moms Clean Air Force

March 19, 2012 / No Comments

You have seen her as Jamie Stringer in The Practice and Dr. Arizona Robbins on the ABC television series Grey’s Anatomy. Actress Jessica Capshaw is now endorsing a new video for Moms Clean Air Force, an organization working for the sake of better earth.

Jessica Jessica Capshaw Rallies Against Pollution in Video for Moms Clean Air Force

In the new video, she calls upon all the parents to protect a particular set of rules termed the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. If these standards are followed, 90% of the toxic mercury can be avoided.

The main source of toxic mercury in the air is from burnt coal and these standards can put a halt to it. Still being the victims of political resistance, these standards have been delayed for more than 20 years.

Capshaw said she joined the Moms Clean Air Force to drive a powerful message to Washington that there’s only one way to keep poison out of the air we breathe and that is to create strong protections. She has strong intentions of making the political representatives realize how much the pollution is affecting the growing younger generations.

The organization is strongly stating that governments and their officials are knowingly delaying the implementation of similar rules just for achieving smaller and near time goals.

Boilers are the second-largest source of toxic mercury emissions after coal-fired power plants. In short, for a better tomorrow, strict rules need to be put forward against pollution and measures should be taken as soon as possible. Take a look at the video below to listen to Capshaw.